Association and Coalition Management


Management and Creation Under One Roof.

FOCUS is the leader in providing management and services to associations, coalitions and trade organizations. We help organizational leaders and Board Members with strategy, logistics, materials support and event planning to make their trade association or industry coalition thrive.

With our experience, network and proven track record, we are the full-service solution you need to partner with to start a new trade association, manage an industry coalition or improve the effectiveness of an existing government affairs organization.

Strategic Consulting.

The FOCUS consulting team includes dedicated, engaged and highly skilled professionals with decades of government relations experience. We assess public policy issues and their business implications and provide you with the strategic and political context needed to design and execute a successful strategy.

We work to develop a deep understanding of your policy issues, and – combined with our extensive understanding of state-by-state processes and intel gleaned from our extensive lobbyist network – bring that passion, knowledge and curiosity to each client we work with and project we work on.

Our Services Include

AdministrationRegulation, Bylaws and Incorporation
MembershipBuilding and Retention
EventsMeeting and Event Planning
ComplianceRegistration and Reporting
FinancesAccounting and Budgeting
Issue ManagementMonitoring and Advocacy
StrategyLobbyist Hiring and Oversight
WebsiteCreation and Management
SupportReports, Materials and Logistics

Case Studies

We have nearly 30 years of experience managing successful trade association and industry coalitions.

The Advocacy Group (TAG)

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The Advocacy Group (TAG)

TAG is the premier municipal, state, federal and international government and public affairs organization in the world. TAG’s network consists of the elite lobbyists, communicators and public affairs professionals in the 50 states, U.S. Congress and countries around the globe.. The TAG network is a great asset for our clients who need to lobby public policy issues and it gives our analysts access to quick bill intelligence on priority bills within our FOCUS tracking system. FOCUS manages the strategic plan, executive committee meetings, shareholder meetings, the annual meeting, monthly reports to the membership, the website, the budget, branding, marketing and the needs of over 50 members. Leif Johnson serves as Managing Director and CEO of TAG.

The Internet Coalition (IC)

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The Internet Coalition (IC)

The IC is a trade association composed of internet and ecommerce companies around the country. IC’s mission is to protect and foster the internet economy while simultaneously educating and guiding state lawmakers to pass thoughtful, forward-thinking laws that do not hinder interstate commerce. Managed by FOCUS, IC uses a straightforward, fact-based, problem-solving approach, which gives the coalition immediate credibility, enabling IC to confidently approach policymakers regarding important legislation impacting both industry and constituent. Tammy Cota serves as the Executive Director of the IC.

Washington Area State Relations Group (WASRG)

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Washington Area State

Relations Group (WASRG)

The Washington Area State Relations Group (WASRG) is one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated exclusively to serving state policy professionals in the D.C. area.  Since the mid-1970s, WASRG has been providing its corporate, trade association and public sector members with a unique and valuable opportunity to interact with their peers, key state officials and public policy experts. WASRG maximizes member interaction and promotes a continuous exchange of ideas and information.  WASRG promotes educational and networking opportunities for busy professionals who work as lobbyists, association staff, government affairs executives and vendor/service representatives.

FOCUS manages and operates the day-to-day business and administrative affairs of WASRG, including providing overall organizational administration and strategy, such as managing and providing logistical support to the Board of Directors, handling member and outside inquiries, designing and implementing WASRG’s strategic plan, providing financial administration, and creating and maintaining association records; conducting membership responsibilities; marketing and handling all logistics for luncheons, receptions, happy hours, their annual Symposium and virtual events. In 2020 and 2021 alone, FOCUS scheduled and managed more than 40 virtual events, including the well-attended Inside the Dome series, where in-state contract lobbyists spoke to members about the latest happenings in their state’s capitol, and deep dives issue briefings on state liability protections, data privacy landscape and fiscal/tax climates.

Robyn Schnaible leads the FOCUS Team’s management of WASRG and serves as the Executive Director of WASRG.

State Privacy & Security Coalition

State Privacy & Security Coalition (SPSC)

State Privacy & Security Coalition (SPSC) is a coalition of major Internet, communications, retail and media companies that works for robust and consistent data security, security breach notice, privacy and consumer protection regulation. The Coalition works in all 50 states to provide a forum that develops industry consensus solutions on state legislation and regulation.

The FOCUS Team manages SPSC and works to streamline and improve operations and member services. FOCUS oversees corporate and trade association Board of Directors (BOD) ACTIVITY, along with member and outside inquiries; maintaining bylaws, member information and organizational history; and manages all financial matters including membership dues, accounts receivable, accounts payable, event/meeting sponsorships and tax filings. FOCUS also serves as the centralized resource for lobbying-related compliance inquiries and oversight of lobbyist registration for SPSC consultants.

Kelsey Carlson leads the FOCUS Team in managing SPSC.

The Wireless Tax Coalition

The Wireless Tax Coalition

Led by Scott Mackey, FOCUS coordinates the efforts of all major wireless telecommunications companies to educate state policymakers and consumers about the excessive tax burden on wireless service and to promote state legislation to reduce the burden of state and local taxes on wireless service providers and their customers.