Local Monitoring

Local Ordinance & Social Media Tracking


Stay up-to-date on what's happening at the local level.

Action from local boards and councils can happen quickly. FOCUS uses a multi-pronged approach to identify, track and alert you when when your issues are taken up in cities and counties across the country.

FOCUS scans the agendas and minutes for board, council and committee meetings across the largest cities and counties in the country, looking for your specific issues.

We review and filter out irrelevant proposals and add the actual relevant ordinances into your database.

We conduct extensive press and social media searches for references to local activity. Posts of relevance are incorporated into your database and linked to the specific local ordinance they relate to.

We also are able to access our lobbyist network for additional intelligence.

Detailed summaries of the ordinances and their statuses can be incorporated into your existing weekly report or into a stand-alone report.

Our analyst team can monitor progress and conduct additional research on proposals of special interest.