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December 2, 2023

New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania are in regular session. The District of Columbia Council and the U.S. Congress are also in session.


North Carolina passed an adjournment resolution that calls for the regular session to reconvene periodically through December. The legislature completed the last day of its regular session on October 25. It held a brief session on November 29 before adjourning again on November 30. It is set to reconvene on December 20.


Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott called the legislature into another special session on November 7, the fourth special session this year. This special session began immediately after the adjournment of the previous special session, which failed to pass the governor’s legislation on school vouchers or border security. According to The Texas Tribune, the school voucher issue has again stalled in the House, with lawmakers voting to remove the voucher program from a large education bill. It is unclear if Governor Abbott will continue to push the legislature to pass a school voucher law or call another special session once this session concludes on December 6.


Georgia began a special session on November 29 to redraw the state’s political maps. A federal judge ruled that the state’s legislative maps are racially gerrymandered and must be redrawn, leading Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to issue a proclamation to convene the session. According to NPR, the Republicans who control both the House and Senate have until December 8 to approve new maps that comply with the Voting Rights Act, which will then need to be approved by the courts.


The Oklahoma Senate abruptly adjourned their half of the special session called by Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt regarding the state’s tax system sine die on October 3, without taking any action. The Senate’s decision followed Governor Stitt’s refusal to present before a Senate panel to discuss the sustainability of his tax cut plans and their potential impact on state finances, reports KFOR. The House reconvened for day two of the special session on October 4 and adjourned until the call of the chair, meaning the House is technically still in special session. The House filed 18 shell bills on October 3 regarding taxation, but they will remain in limbo as the House cannot pass any legislation this special session without the Senate’s participation.


Colorado ended its special session on November 20 after sending several pieces of legislation to Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, who quickly signed them into law. The special session was called because of increasing housing and property costs. According to CPR News, lawmakers passed a package of laws that will deliver about $430 million in tax cuts for homeowners and a larger share of tax refunds for low-income residents. State Republicans objected to the package, calling it socialism and objecting to higher-income residents paying for refunds to lower-income residents.


Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Maura Healey has 10 days from presentment to act on legislation or it becomes law. Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has 14 days from presentment to act on legislation or it is pocket vetoed. Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has six days from presentment, Sundays excluded, to act on legislation or it becomes law.


Interim Committees/Prefiles


The following states are currently holding 2023 interim committee hearings and posting interim studies: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California Assembly and Senate, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida House and Senate, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois House and Senate, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi House and Senate, Missouri House and Senate, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire House and Senate, New Mexico, New York Assembly and Senate, North Dakota, Oklahoma House and Senate, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina House and Senate, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas House, Utah, Vermont, Virginia House, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.


The following states are currently posting 2024 bill drafts and prefiles: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois House and Senate, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Missouri House, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma House and Senate, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.


Special Elections


The following seats are expected to be filled by special election: Florida House District 118 and Minnesota House District 52B (December 5) and Oklahoma House District 32 (December 12).


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