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Every year, FOCUS releases its annual Legislative Review/Preview Report, which provides an overview of issues addressed in the previous session and analyzes the most pressing issues states will face in the upcoming year. In recent years, issues of particular focus were emerging technologies, broadband, remote worker taxation, independent contractors, digital taxes, telehealth, voting rights expansions/protection, cannabis, sports betting, the CCPA and consumer privacy.
FOCUS also publishes an annual series of reports previewing and recapping the results of state legislative elections, gubernatorial and attorneys general elections and ballot measures voted on across the country.

2024 Review/Preview

Dive into our comprehensive 2024 Review/Preview to explore the key highlights and insights from the past year, along with a sneak peek into what lies ahead. To access this valuable resource, simply click the button below. By providing your email, you'll receive a direct link to download the document. This exclusive content is crafted to offer you a detailed perspective on significant trends and forecasts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

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2023 Election Report

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2023 Legislative Review/Preview Report

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