Intel-Rich Reports

Intel-Rich Written Reports


Bring your priorities into focus.

While your filtered database tracks every proposal relating to your issues, our written reports identify and help you quickly understand which ones are the real priorities. Get alerted to emerging issues and find the provisions that may affect your bottom line on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

A report by any other name is just a chart.

Many tracking services claim to offer “written reports,” but what they provide is what we’d describe as a basic “bill chart.”

Our reports are filled with analysis and intelligence; we highlight the most relevant public policy movements and alert you to where the real threats and opportunities are – and why. We often conduct research, make phone calls, cover state government relations conferences and meetings, participate in industry conference calls, gather lobbyist intelligence and conduct media tracking to add additional important information to your reports.


Many tracking products simply rely on crawling the states’ legislative and regulatory websites daily, but FOCUS provides you with more than raw data — we use a variety of tracking mechanisms to provide complete coverage in the states. 

The information in the database and our reports is enhanced through direct communication with state agency officials, executive agency staff and other contacts, such as our 50-state and international network of lobbyists.

Our reports are supplemented by scanning newspapers and social media for relevant headlines. We also monitor and regularly attend events with NCSL, CSG, NGA, SGAC, PAC, ALEC and other state intergovernmental organizations for trends and proposals that might affect your organization.

Put your stamp on it.

Our analysts become well-versed in your industry, organization and the nuances of your issues. We craft your reports with your priorities and preferences in mind.

You can co-brand your written reports and database, making it easier and more seamless to share with members – boosting the value of your resource offerings.

Meet The Authors

We are able to provide this value-added service because we have the best and most experienced analysts in the industry, with an average tenure of over seven years.