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Our goal is your success.

The FOCUS consulting group consists of highly-skilled, experienced professionals with decades of government relations and association management experience. Every day, we help government affairs professionals meet their business and public policy objectives.

We understand what government affairs professionals need and are constantly innovating to ensure they succeed. That’s why we take a “client first” approach. We’re dedicated to our clients, to the work we do for them and to the tools and services we provide.

Our Team

Leif Johnson20210513153257

Leif Johnson

President & Partner, FOCUS CEO & Managing Director, The Advocacy Group (TAG)
Shannon Wheeler20210513154238

Shannon Wheeler

Director, The Advocacy Group
Robyn Schnaible20210513175423

Robyn Schnaible

Director of FOCUS
Scott Mackey20210513175726
Jeremiah Johnson20210513175834

Jeremiah Johnson

Director of Information Technology
Tammy Cota20210513180118

Tammy Cota

Director of Policy
Justin Chapman20210513180559

Justin Chapman

Director of Business Development
Ann Brazier20210513180809

Ann Brazier

Administration & Technology
Austin Young20210513181036

Austin Young

Senior Policy Analyst
Anastasia Douglas20210513181125

Anastasia Douglas

Staff Director & Senior Policy Analyst
Jennifer Estivill20210513181300

Jennifer Estivill

Director of Research & Analysis
Alexis Sly20210611180406

Alexis Sly

Senior Policy Analyst
Will Beacom20210716143404

Will Beacom

Senior Policy Analyst
Alexis Caswell20210716144003

Alexis Caswell

Association Services Manager and Policy Analyst
Kiera Casey20210716145313

Kiera Casey

Policy Analyst
Jorge Padilla20210716145711

Jorge Padilla

Policy Analyst
Jordan White20210814150246

Jordan White

Scott Baer20210820233213

Scott Baer

IT Manager I Web Designer
Bruce Cubit20210820235719

Bruce Cubit

Lead Developer
Lexie Murray20220502151335

Lexie Murray

Policy Analyst
Rex Carr20220505134514

Rex Carr

Policy Analyst
Elsa Nygard20220505134637

Elsa Nygard

Policy Analyst
Haley Degon20230710163126

Haley Degon

Policy Analyst
Gratia Rowell20230717141019

Gratia Rowell

Policy Analyst
Tom O’Connor20240207170754

Tom O’Connor

Policy Analyst

Our team is your team.

While most of our senior team has been with FOCUS for well over a decade, our analysts’ average tenure of 7 years leads the tracking industry. Since launching our tracking service in 2002, FOCUS has been responsible for developing the database features and tracking tools now considered standard and essential industry-wide. We know what features and tools you need and why having accurate data is important, because our database is not just software for others -- we rely on it to do our jobs every day.

Our team understands the state-by-state quirks in legislative processes and relishes the challenge of managing vast amounts data and identifying priority policy proposals for our clients each day. We also consider ourselves the luckiest team in the industry, enjoying the fast-paced work of 50-state advocacy while based all over the country.

About Leonine Public Affairs.

FOCUS is the line of business within Leonine Public Affairs that provides 50-state government affairs consulting, lobbying, trade association management, government affairs department structural assessments, legislative and regulatory tracking and filtering, political intelligence, public policy research and strategic counsel.
Established in 1987, Leonine Public Affairs is a full-service state government relations firm, also providing Vermont statehouse lobbying and strategic communications in the Northeast.