Vermont’s Budget and Revenue Problem20170112124243

Vermont’s Budget and Revenue Problem

FOCUSdevJanuary 12, 20170 comments
By Scott Mackey  Vermont has a budget and revenue problem – one that is simple to explain but difficult to solve. The problem is that our revenue syst...
More States Risk Economic Fallout With “Bathroom Bills”20170110122056

More States Risk Economic Fallout With “Bathroom Bills”

Leonine FOCUSJanuary 10, 20170 comments
In 2016, North Carolina called a special legislative session for the purpose of enacting a first-in-the-nation “bathroom bill”. The act – the Public F...
2017 Legislative Review Preview20170106101411

2017 Legislative Review Preview

FOCUSdevJanuary 6, 20170 comments
Introduction From the election of Donald Trump, to congressional gridlock, to Brexit, 2016 was a year of heightened political activity. Some changes w...
What Does the Election Mean For Vermont?20170104091114

What Does the Election Mean For Vermont?

FOCUSdevJanuary 4, 20170 comments
To the victor go the spoils. This phrase comes to mind when thinking about what the November election results might mean for Vermont. On the federal l...